Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Seven - Haunted (Part Two)
Alpha One continues to search for clues on the crashed ship

As Alpha One continues their investigation of the crashed ship, they discover the remnants of the race which built it.

Beaming back to the derelict with Thor’s help, Alpha One delved inside once again, searching for clues which might tell them why Irvina had visited the barren planet. They searched the chamber where they had encountered the black creature, discovering crumbling documents and moldering scientific equipment in the locked cabinets.

Upon more thorough inspection, Hutchinson found the tracks of the creature and the team followed them deeper into the depths of the ship. Soon they realized that the creature was not alone; amid a corridor littered with bones, they met another one. Though this one soon met the fate of the first, their battle drew the attention of others. Alpha One chose to retreat, and were successful only because the creature’s brethren stopped to fight over its corpse.

Since the tracks of the black creatures had only increased as the team went deeper into the ship, they chose next to ascend toward its higher end, in hopes of reaching the ship’s core or a commands center from which they could discover more information. Soon they came to doors which were locked, and opened them with a judicious use of C-4.

The next few doors gave the distinct impression of an airlock. Passing through, Alpha One came to a huge, open chamber, where unbelievably there were crops growing along the slanted floor. They soon came upon a man farming, who was astonished at their appearance. After convincing him they meant no harm, the man, Tharlev, led them higher up through more of the terraformed sections to their leader.

The Prefect, leader of the ship-bound community, welcomed the team and shared with them his knowledge of their ancestors’ records. The team determined that centuries ago, a global cataclysm had destroyed their climate, and the ship itself had been damaged just after launch, causing it to crash but leaving a few hundred survivors. Since then they had been doing all they could to keep themselves fed using the automated climate controls.

The Prefect himself wanted to see for himself where Alpha One had come from, and so Hutchinson and Fleischman returned to the Stargate to ask the General for permission, leaving Asahara and Red Jade to attempt to access the ship’s controls from one of the climate control panels. By the time they returned to the ship the next day, Asahara had gained access to most of the ship’s systems. She had also learned of an impending breach in the ship’s still-active reactor…

Chapter Seven - Haunted (Part One)
Alpha One investigates the ruins of a ghost ship.

The Search for Irvina leads Alpha One to investigate a ship on a barren planet.

While under quarantine after events at the Ancient repository in Isis’ territory, Asahara was able to decipher more of the locations to which Irvina had traveled. Alpha One decided to start with a planet which appeared to have been inhabited once but was now a radioactive dustball. With their protective suits, they determined that they could withstand the radiation for only 4 hours a day. They established a search pattern and began the comb the area near the gate.

The third day, their search turned up a massive starship, partially buried and propped up against a mountain. Red Jade’s protective suit developed a leak, and he was unable to join them the next day, when with Thor’s help, they transported directly to it and went inside.

The ship appeared to be mostly intact, and shielded them from a great deal of the radiation. As they searched inside, they discovered that the empty corridors were interspersed with laboratory rooms full of vegetation that had grown wild.

In one of these rooms, they spotted a humanoid creature with large eyes and nearly black skin, which darted away from them at first. They followed it and backed it into a corner, from where it decided to attack them with its sharp teeth and claws. It latched its jaws first on Fleischman, then on Asahara, damaging their protective suits. They had planned ahead this time, and when they finally subdued it, they were able to repair their suits with protective tape. They took the creature back to Thor’s lab, where they determined that the creature, or more likely its ancestors, had once been human.

Chapter 6 - Chasing Shadows (Part One)
A mysterious trail leads Alpha One straight to Ma'chello's lair...

Alpha One decides to seek out the dimensional mirror which SG-1 discovered in their reality, hoping to return their people home through it.

Alpha One traveled to P3R-233, hoping to find the quantum mirror. They discovered that it had been sold to a junk dealer who had traveled to the planet Havella. On Havella, they discovered that the junk dealer had been arrested, and all of his possessions auctioned the previous week. the mirror in question was sold to a woman named Irvina, whose trail they lost when she left the planet.

However, Asahara remembered the name Irvina from the records recovered in the cave on Nasya. Going back to the records, she discovered mention of Ma’chello, but was unable to decipher much more of the data.

With Ma’chello as their only lead, Alpha One traveled to P2R-742, the planet on which he had been discovered by SG-1. They found his body, released from stasis and concealing a name carved into the wall – Irvina.

Alpha One was back where they started, but Asahara was able to access Ma’chello’s records. By cross-referencing them with Irvina’s log from Nasya, she was able to de-encrypt a great deal more of it; specifically the locations of several places Irvina (who they believed now held the mind of Ma’chello) had intended to visit.

The most likely of the listed locations was a planet deep inside Isis’ territory. Alpha One didn’t expect much resistance at the gate, but went prepared anyway. They were forced to skirt a Jaffa village to reach the ruins they sought. However, the ruins were filled with Jaffa who were searching for something.

Alpha One hurried to the center of the ruins, dodging fire from the Jaffa search party. They managed to buy enough time to beat them to a hidden chamber which was very similar to that on Nasya. Inside, they found more Ancient technology, and a large device which had been connected to it. Before they could escape with the device, they were surrounded by Jaffa. They shut the door inside, but with staff blasts beating on it, they were barely able to rig up some explosives and escape using the ring device they found inside the chamber.

The rings took them near the Stargate, and they were able to return home, but they had nothing to show for their efforts.

Chapter Five - Old Wounds (Part Three)
Alaix's true nature is revealed

Alpha One hunts for Anat, in a race to beat her to her true objective.

Rejoining Asahara on the planet’s surface, Alpha One once again descended into Alaix’s underground complex to track down Anat. Because they had managed to injure her back on the ship, her trail was relatively easy to track. They followed it deep into the complex; so deep that they began to doubt that the Stargate was her true goal. Shortly, Alaix appeared beside them, seeming unduly concerned about her objective. When pressed, he revealed that he himself was simply an artificial intelligence left by the Ancients to govern the planet after they ascended. Anat appeared to be headed for his control room.

Alpha One followed the trail to a dead end, where they discovered a hidden elevator leading to a completely different section of the complex. Alaix reappeared to guide them through to the control room, but Anat reached it first and disabled his ability to lead them. Asahara led them after that, noting some large power cables that she assumed led to the control room. Their faith in her observation was rewarded when they turned a corner and spotted more of Anat’s Jaffa.

They defeated the Jaffa guards and blasted the control room door open, confronting Anat for the third and final time. With no place to run, she was finally captured, and Alpha One was able to restore Alaix’s program and return through the Stargate with their captive.

Chapter Five - Old Wounds (Part Two)
Alpha One must get to Anat, before she gets to them

With their first attempt to capture Anat a failure, Alpha One finds themselves the prey.

Back at Alaix’s hidden base, Alpha One debated how to proceed. Their best chance to capture Anat had been lost, and now the Goa’uld Queen was alerted to their presence. Several plans were suggested, including disguising as Jaffa and claiming to have found the artifact she desired, but before they could act, their scouts reported that her ship had taken off and was headed straight for them. Before long, it had parked directly above the complex, and Jaffa were being transported down.

Alpha One organized what resistance they could, concealing the entrance to the Stargate room. They decided the best way to stop the invaders was to board the ship themselves. Using Alaix’s knowledge of the complex, they avoided most of the invading Jaffa and waited for their chance to sneak on board. Timing their actions perfectly, they stood where the ring transport device would be when the next group of Jaffa was sent down, and switched places with them.

Alpha One was able to take the guards inside the ring control room by surprise, and quickly disabled the device. They snuck through the ship to the control room for the shields, planning to escape quickly once they had captured Anat. However, before they could head her way, they discovered that she was heading for a secondary ring transport device. Leaving Asahara in the control room to attempt to disable that section of the ship from there, they advanced on Anat’s position and once again attempted to abduct her.

They managed to disable most of Anat’s guard and corner her in the ring transport control room, where they found her attempting to reengage the controls. During a firefight with her First Prime, she managed to activate the ring transport and flee to the planet’s surface.

Chapter Five - Old Wounds (Part One)
Red Jade discovers that his mother is host to a Goa'uld

Alpha One runs to the aid of a planet under siege from the Goa’uld Anat, only to find that their enemy’s host is a little too close to one of their own…

The Alpha Team was once again contacted by Alaix, the representative from the planet Mizu, who claimed that his planet was being attacked by the Goa’uld. Alpha One sent a recon team to determine their forces, and discovered that the Goa’uld Anat had landed a mother ship on the planet near the facility which hid the Stargate, and had sent her Jaffa to scour the countryside for something.

Alpha One, desiring to know the object of Anat’s search, set up surveillance equipment in a village projected as her next target. They discovered two things. First, that she was searching for some sort of advanced technology which she had detected from her ship; second, that her host was none other than Red Jade’s mother, Whispering Aspen.

Red Jade was torn; few of his memories of his mother were kind. He insisted that he remain on the mission, despite Fleischman’s misgivings. They chose to sneak in under cover of nightfall and attempt to capture Anat. Climbing across the rooftops to avoid most of the watchful Jaffa, they snuck in by way of the upper floor of the building. They subdued the guards in relative silence, but something alerted Anat, and she escaped the trap, though not without injuries.

As previously planned, some of Alaix’s men created a diversion outside the village, allowing Alpha One to escape. Unfortunately, their lack of experience was costly for them, and two were captured.

Chapter Four - Illusions (Parts One and Two)
The Stargate vanishes

While on a mission, the Alpha Team is stranded by the sudden disappearance of the Stargate.

Alpha One, led by Major Asahara while Colonel Fleischman was otherwise occupied, embarked on a mission to explore a world named in the records found on the planet Nasya, hoping to find a clue which could help them return home. However, as soon as they arrived on the planet, the Stargate and the DHD went missing.

Initial searches turned up nothing, and the team set up camp nearby the circle of stones marking the Stargate’s original location. During the night, the sounds of music woke them, and they discovered a group of people dancing at the stones. They seemed to be performing some sort of harvest ritual.

The dancers were friendly, and invited the team to visit their village in the morning. There they spoke with the leaders of the village concerning their missing Stargate. One of them, a druid and master of ceremonies from the previous night, told them to seek out the Faeries. He led them to a hill with a series of stone arches around it, and instructed them to walk through.

The team followed the arches for quite a ways, until they were certain that some form of illusion was at work. After several miles of walking around the seemingly tiny hill, a door appeared, leading into the hillside and down into a large open chamber.

Inside the chamber, a shaggy dog waited for them. They followed it into a round hall with 12 thrones set around it. There a tall man dressed in gold appeared, and told them that they would have to slay the Black Knight in order to recover the ‘Ring of the Ancestors’.

That was when the team decided they’d had enough. They balked and countered the man and his companions, a woman in green and the dog, who became a man dressed in brown, as they tried to convince the team to accept their ‘quest’. Asahara even accused the trio of being powerless if they could not defeat this ‘black knight’ by themselves. Eventually however, with no other leads to the Stargate’s location, they were forced to play along.

Reluctantly, the team took up the quest and followed the instructions of the so-called Faeries. Asahara, full of skepticism, believed that all of their tricks were illusions meant to deceive them into doing their dirty work for them. Nevertheless, they set out to fulfill the requirements of the strangers.

The first task was to obtain an emerald feather, found on a bird that ranged in a particular valley. Tracking it proved simple enough, but when they tried to pluck a feather from the creature, it went running, dragging Lamara for quite a distance. In another part of the wood, Red Jade spotted one, and attempted to shoot it. The bullet knocked it over, but it got up and kept running. Finally Hutchinson cornered one, and at a suggestion from Valesh, politely asked it for a feather.

The entire team was astonished, not only because the bird plucked a feather from its back and left it for them, but also that the feather was in fact made of solid emerald. The next task was to climb a mountain and burn the feather on an altar under a tree to be found there. Still doubtful, the team did as instructed. Suddenly, the sky grew cloudy and hailstones began to fall, stripping the tree of all of its black leaves. As the sky cleared, the last leaf fell from the tree and the Black Knight appeared, ten feet tall, riding a black horse and wearing a full suit of armor.

Hoping to dispense with further drama, Asahara stepped forward and simply asked the Black Knight to allow them to return through the Stargate. He was not to be appeased, and charged her with his lance ready. Hutchinson, always quick on the rifle, shot his horse out from under him, and he dropped his lance for a huge flail which Asahara was barely able to dodge. Lamara then took him on with her staff weapon, keeping his attention while the others opened fire with their weapons. Soon he was down, with the final statement, ‘Well played.’

Still uncertain what was real and what was illusion, the team returned from the mountain to the hill with the stone arches. Impatient, Asahara marched up to the top of the hill and demanded a response. Immediately they found themselves in the chamber once again, where the trio congratulated them on their victory and accepted the proof of their deed. Then the Black Knight came in behind them, laughing. Alpha One briefly thought they would be forced to fight the Black Knight once again, but instead he acted as if he was a comrade of the three in the hall, and indeed he looked the part. Finally they were permitted to return through the Stargate.

Upon their return, they discovered that while they had seemed to be gone a week, it had only been a matter of hours since their departure. However, they still bore the marks of their adventure in the woods, and retained a fragment of the emerald feather as proof that some of it had been real. Later, attempting to lock the gate address out of their dialing system, they found it already gone, replaced with a message which said only ‘Well played, Asahara.’

(With Galadare as Guest Writer)

Chapter Three - The Underground (Part Two)
The Mysterious Dual Mind are revealed

Continued from previous post.

Meanwhile, the rest of Alpha One arrived at the address coerced from the Faction Overseer, joined by a small military force with orders to rescue any hostages held inside the building. Hutchinson attempted to snipe the external guards without giving away his presence, but his second shot missed, leaving a man alive to give warning. It soon turned into a all-out firefight, but the Faction members inside the building never managed to organize themselves sufficiently before Alpha One made it inside.

The prisoner was thought to be held in the basement level, and so down they went, neutralizing the remaining resistance with CS grenades. But the prisoner they found was not Major Asahara. It was a Dual Mind leader named Fallanth.

Red Jade, following Veaitor Pallas, went to the underground home of the Order of the Dual Mind. There he waited briefly before being taken to a room where Major Asahara was being held, under suspicion of being Goa’uld. She explained to Red Jade that the Dual Mind appeared to be somehow related to the Tok’ra of her original reality.

Meanwhile, Fleischman and his team questioned Fallanth concerning Asahara, and obtained her promise to aid them if she could.

Before long, the combination of Red Jade’s words and Fallanth’s rescue earned the team a visit with the leadership of the Order. They explained their mission and that of Alpha Two – to obtain a new source of the drug Tretonin, which allows the rebel Jaffa to live without a symbiote. They agreed to enter into negotiations with Alpha Two and released Major Asahara to them.

Upon returning home, the team met with a representative from another world which had just learned to use their Stargate, and dialed Earth themselves. The representative, named Alaix, asked for aid in ending a war between two neighboring nations on their planet, but due to the military nature of the request, it was denied. Alaix agreed to continued contact and the possibility of trade in the future.

(With DG as guest writer)

Chapter Three - The Underground (Part One)
The search for a lost comrade

Alpha One visits the world of Pangar in search of their missing teammate.

While General Wycliffe prepared and delivered an inspiring speech to the people of Coalhearth, Alpha One was briefed concerning the circumstances of their friend’s disappearance. They discovered that she and Sgt. DePalma of Alpha Two were separated in a crowd, after which the Sergeant heard gunshots and a crackle of static from the radio. All he could find of Major Asahara was the broken radio.

Alpha One embarked through the Stargate and arrived on Pangar, welcomed by Chairman Callini who asked them to leave most of their weapons at the Stargate. They investigated the scene of Asahara’s disappearance once more, but found nothing conclusive.

While exploring the city, Lamara was given a book by a man who seemed to be some kind of missionary or propagandist. The book was written by a man named Devren Borhan, the leader of a political faction on Pangar which was radically opposed to the nation’s major religion, the Order of the Dual Mind. A little more investigation revealed that the Order had some kind of ties with either the Goa’uld or the Tok’ra, and that Asahara may have been mistaken for one of their members and kidnapped.

Alpha One tracked down the man who had given Lamara the book, in order to ask him some questions. He was helpful for the most part, despite the unexplained hostility of the group, and eventually led them to one of his superiors in order to rid himself of them. His plan didn’t go very well, however, and the overseer’s refusal to tell Fleischman and his team the location of their missing officer nearly involved them all in a firefight.

Finally the overseer gave them an address, rather than suffer a full police investigation over the issue, and Alpha One left. Red Jade, however, expressed his displeasure over the Colonel’s methods. A brief fistfight ensued, after which Red Jade headed back alone toward the Stargate, and the rest of the team went to ask the aid of their contact.

On his way back, Red Jade was approached by a man named Veaitor Pallas, who had a piece of Asahara’s uniform – her Tau’ri identification patch. The man claimed to be a former member of the Order of the Dual Mind, and to have helped Asahara flee from an armed member of the Devren Borhan Faction the previous week. He led Red Jade to an empty building where he activated a Goa’uld ring transporter, which took them both below the surface to an underground network of tunnels.

Chapter Two - Lightning and Thunder (Part Three)
Alpha One and Thor return to Coalhearth

After a brief incident in some Ancient ruins, Alpha One returns to the city of Coalhearth in an attempt to take back the Asgard ship and rid the Earth of the Goa’uld once and for all.

Since they were on mandatory leave with nothing better to do, the team decided to take a trip back to the ruins found by Red Jade and take a look. Moving the cover stone proved relatively simple with the correct equipment. Inside they discovered a small, two-chambered space with what looked like Ancient technology along the walls of the second room. Sgt. Surge carelessly tried to activate what looked like a computer station, to no effect. However, Hutchinson somehow triggered a device along the walls and was scanned by some sort of light, after which he collapsed.

After spending his leave under the eye of Dr. Bradshaw, no adverse affects could be discovered, and Hutchinson was cleared for active duty – mostly to keep him under Thor’s watchful gaze if anything should surface. Asahara remained behind to continue research on the Ancient device, and also to join Alpha Two (the former SG-9) on a diplomatic mission to Pangar.

The rest of the team went through the Gate and traveled to Coalhearth once again, where their plan for getting into the palace was simple yet effective. Setting explosives along the palace wall with a machine gun decoy to draw out the Jaffa, they managed to infiltrate with few obstructions. Once inside the ship compound things got a little more difficult. Several Jaffa were posted inside and had remained despite the diversion. Lamara was injured, but the team was able to reach the main computer station which, due to sabotage, had escaped damage from the self-destruction and crash landing of the ship.

There were a number of traps set in the room. The force field trap was detected and deactivated, resulting in the reduced effectiveness of a poison gas trap linked to a holographic recording of Baal. By the time Thor got around to bypassing the security program which had been placed on the computer, Baal’s Jaffa had detected the ruse and were on their way back. The team split up to cover both entrances to the ship and give Thor time to recover control of the system.

Finally, with the team taking fire from all sides, Thor managed to activate the transporter system and eject all Jaffa from within 300 miles of the city. He was also able to transport the Stargate directly into the ship, allowing Alpha One to report their success to the General. Their good news was welcomed, but not returned in kind. While visiting Pangar with Alpha Two in search of a fresh supply of Tretonin, Major Asahara had disappeared.


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