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  • Astarte

    Masqueraded as 'Beautiful Emerald', mayor of Coalhearth. She was left to guard Baal's stronghold on Earth, most particularly the piece of Asgard ship which was hidden there. She was killed by Alpha One while attempting to interrogate part of the team.

  • Valesh

    Valesh was born with none of the genetic memory of her kind. She learned all she knows of her people and their enemies from her two hosts, Kavin and Major Erica Asahara. Her first host, Kavin, sacrificed his life to help Valesh and Asahara escape the …

  • Gorrand

    Gorrand took his first host mere weeks ago, immediately following Alpha One's infiltration of Coalhearth. The host was previously one of Astarte's guards, and was killed by Alpha One on their second visit to the alternate Earth. Gorrand's second host …

  • Anat

    Anat is a Goa'uld System Lord with strong ties to Ba'al. Her host is Fluttering Aspen, Red Jade's mother, who was originally from Coalhearth. She was captured on the planet Mizu by Alpha One and has been held prisoner since then.

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