Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Three - The Underground (Part One)

The search for a lost comrade

Alpha One visits the world of Pangar in search of their missing teammate.

While General Wycliffe prepared and delivered an inspiring speech to the people of Coalhearth, Alpha One was briefed concerning the circumstances of their friend’s disappearance. They discovered that she and Sgt. DePalma of Alpha Two were separated in a crowd, after which the Sergeant heard gunshots and a crackle of static from the radio. All he could find of Major Asahara was the broken radio.

Alpha One embarked through the Stargate and arrived on Pangar, welcomed by Chairman Callini who asked them to leave most of their weapons at the Stargate. They investigated the scene of Asahara’s disappearance once more, but found nothing conclusive.

While exploring the city, Lamara was given a book by a man who seemed to be some kind of missionary or propagandist. The book was written by a man named Devren Borhan, the leader of a political faction on Pangar which was radically opposed to the nation’s major religion, the Order of the Dual Mind. A little more investigation revealed that the Order had some kind of ties with either the Goa’uld or the Tok’ra, and that Asahara may have been mistaken for one of their members and kidnapped.

Alpha One tracked down the man who had given Lamara the book, in order to ask him some questions. He was helpful for the most part, despite the unexplained hostility of the group, and eventually led them to one of his superiors in order to rid himself of them. His plan didn’t go very well, however, and the overseer’s refusal to tell Fleischman and his team the location of their missing officer nearly involved them all in a firefight.

Finally the overseer gave them an address, rather than suffer a full police investigation over the issue, and Alpha One left. Red Jade, however, expressed his displeasure over the Colonel’s methods. A brief fistfight ensued, after which Red Jade headed back alone toward the Stargate, and the rest of the team went to ask the aid of their contact.

On his way back, Red Jade was approached by a man named Veaitor Pallas, who had a piece of Asahara’s uniform – her Tau’ri identification patch. The man claimed to be a former member of the Order of the Dual Mind, and to have helped Asahara flee from an armed member of the Devren Borhan Faction the previous week. He led Red Jade to an empty building where he activated a Goa’uld ring transporter, which took them both below the surface to an underground network of tunnels.



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