Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter 6 - Chasing Shadows (Part One)

A mysterious trail leads Alpha One straight to Ma'chello's lair...

Alpha One decides to seek out the dimensional mirror which SG-1 discovered in their reality, hoping to return their people home through it.

Alpha One traveled to P3R-233, hoping to find the quantum mirror. They discovered that it had been sold to a junk dealer who had traveled to the planet Havella. On Havella, they discovered that the junk dealer had been arrested, and all of his possessions auctioned the previous week. the mirror in question was sold to a woman named Irvina, whose trail they lost when she left the planet.

However, Asahara remembered the name Irvina from the records recovered in the cave on Nasya. Going back to the records, she discovered mention of Ma’chello, but was unable to decipher much more of the data.

With Ma’chello as their only lead, Alpha One traveled to P2R-742, the planet on which he had been discovered by SG-1. They found his body, released from stasis and concealing a name carved into the wall – Irvina.

Alpha One was back where they started, but Asahara was able to access Ma’chello’s records. By cross-referencing them with Irvina’s log from Nasya, she was able to de-encrypt a great deal more of it; specifically the locations of several places Irvina (who they believed now held the mind of Ma’chello) had intended to visit.

The most likely of the listed locations was a planet deep inside Isis’ territory. Alpha One didn’t expect much resistance at the gate, but went prepared anyway. They were forced to skirt a Jaffa village to reach the ruins they sought. However, the ruins were filled with Jaffa who were searching for something.

Alpha One hurried to the center of the ruins, dodging fire from the Jaffa search party. They managed to buy enough time to beat them to a hidden chamber which was very similar to that on Nasya. Inside, they found more Ancient technology, and a large device which had been connected to it. Before they could escape with the device, they were surrounded by Jaffa. They shut the door inside, but with staff blasts beating on it, they were barely able to rig up some explosives and escape using the ring device they found inside the chamber.

The rings took them near the Stargate, and they were able to return home, but they had nothing to show for their efforts.



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