Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Nine - Chasing Shadows (Part Three)

What would you do if you ran into yourself?

The Alpha Team gets closer to finding Irvina, only to learn that she has been made Isis’ prisoner.

As all evidence pointed to Isis’ Jaffa being the last to see Irvina, Alpha One devised a bold plot to replace the alternate Lamara (who had apparently defected to serve Isis) and try to access whatever prisoner records they could. After observing her movements for 2 days, they confronted and detained the Lamara who served Isis, and sent their own Lamara on toward the stronghold in her place.

It was a nerve-wracking couple of hours as Lamara searched alone for a records repository while trying to avoid looking suspicious. Finally she found what she needed and attempted to leave, only to be stopped by two of Isis’ Jaffa inquiring why she wasn’t at her post. She tried to make a break for it, but she was outnumbered and overpowered.

Deciding they’d detained the alternate Lamara long enough, Fleischman ordered the team to intercept the Jaffa who held theirs prisoner. They were able to correctly determine where their quarry was headed and set an ambush. After a few short bursts of gunfire, Lamara was free and the team headed back toward the Stargate by an alternate route.

Back at the base, Lamara revealed what she had learned inside Isis’ stronghold. Irvina had indeed been taken prisoner by Isis’ Jaffa, and been deemed important enough to transport by ship to Isis’ home planet. The coordinates of the planet were familiar to the team. Isis’ home base was at the original Alpha Site.



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