Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Nine - Chasing Shadows (Part Two)

The Alpha Team searches for Irvina, and discovers more than they bargained for.

The Alpha Team tracks Irvina to a planet where they meet a familiar face…

Following a lead found in Irvina’s notes in the database on Nasya, the team traveled to a planet under the rule of the Goa’uld Isis. Not far from the gate, they found a road which led them to a small village, the inhabitants of which remembered seeing Irvina pass through several months before, but not return. Taking this as their best lead so far, the team traded a cyalume rod for a night’s lodging and set off to follow her the next day.

Late the next day, they passed a sort of slum camp and were thrown a curve ball when one of the inhabitants recognized Lamara. She quickly denied being the person they thought she was, realizing that several people in the camp were her own – or rather, the alternate version of her – relatives. Some of them were unconvinced, but pretended to take her word for it in a subservient and most un-Jaffa-like manner. It soon became apparent that the planet had recently been taken from Bastet, and that those Jaffa who had not escaped before Isis took control were treated as second-class citizens.

Eventually, the team reached a large city which appeared to be a frequent landing point for Isis’ ships. Against all odds, they managed to find somebody who actually remembered seeing Irvina get in an altercation with Isis’ Jaffa. And again they tempted probability when Fleischman spotted Lamara – the alternate Lamara.



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