Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Seven - Haunted (Part One)

Alpha One investigates the ruins of a ghost ship.

The Search for Irvina leads Alpha One to investigate a ship on a barren planet.

While under quarantine after events at the Ancient repository in Isis’ territory, Asahara was able to decipher more of the locations to which Irvina had traveled. Alpha One decided to start with a planet which appeared to have been inhabited once but was now a radioactive dustball. With their protective suits, they determined that they could withstand the radiation for only 4 hours a day. They established a search pattern and began the comb the area near the gate.

The third day, their search turned up a massive starship, partially buried and propped up against a mountain. Red Jade’s protective suit developed a leak, and he was unable to join them the next day, when with Thor’s help, they transported directly to it and went inside.

The ship appeared to be mostly intact, and shielded them from a great deal of the radiation. As they searched inside, they discovered that the empty corridors were interspersed with laboratory rooms full of vegetation that had grown wild.

In one of these rooms, they spotted a humanoid creature with large eyes and nearly black skin, which darted away from them at first. They followed it and backed it into a corner, from where it decided to attack them with its sharp teeth and claws. It latched its jaws first on Fleischman, then on Asahara, damaging their protective suits. They had planned ahead this time, and when they finally subdued it, they were able to repair their suits with protective tape. They took the creature back to Thor’s lab, where they determined that the creature, or more likely its ancestors, had once been human.



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