Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Seven - Haunted (Part Three)

Can Alpha One evacuate the ship's inhabitants before it's too late?

Alpha One must evacuate the inhabitants of the damaged ship – but the sudden appearance of a Goa’uld cargo ship may throw a wrench in their plans.

Colonel Fleischman and Sergeant Hutchinson returned from the crashed colony ship to with the Prefect and took him on a tour of Coalhearth. Meanwhile, the General assembled a committee to determine what could be done to rescue the more than a thousand inhabitants of the vessel. They decided that there was plenty of land available on the mainland west of Coalhearth; many citizens had also expressed a desire to begin a colony there. The prefect was amenable, and so they began their rescue plan.

Once again Thor beamed the team to the ship, this time with backup and a full load of protective suits for evacuating the colonists. Before they could unload the cargo, they spotted one of the black creatures which had crawled out of the ship and was lying prone a couple hundred feet from the entrance. To make certain that it was dead, Hutchinson took a shot at it, which suddenly pinged off an invisible object halfway to its target.

A few moments later, they heard the whine of engines and saw the vague silhouette of a Goa’uld cargo ship as it took off. As there was nothing but the fuel-powered jeep to take cover behind, they stood their ground, weapons ready. An instant later, the jeep and its passengers disappeared.

Left alone, the pair followed the frantic Prefect (who had made a break for it) back to the ship and tried to radio the other group. All they received was a brief message cut off by the sound of a closing wormhole. Their backup and cargo had been sent back through the gate.

The next thing they heard on their radio was an unfamiliar Goa’uld speaking words they couldn’t understand. A moment later it was answered, but this voice they knew; Asahara, or rather Valesh, was responding. After a few tense moments, involving Asahara firing one of the giant ship’s guns at the cargo ship, it was uncloaked and Asahara told them that Valesh had appropriated it for use in the evacuation.

Boarding the ship, the pair found a single Goa’uld, Maeve, with no escort whatsoever, piloting the otherwise empty vessel. She was unusually friendly with them, though it did nothing to help them lower their guard. On Asahara’s instructions, they flew the ship into a large, double hangar bay and parked, then went down to meet the others.

Meanwhile, Red Jade and Asahara were dealing with their own troubles. While still trying to assemble the evacuees into groups, Red Jade discovered that the black humanoids from the lower section of the ship had breached the upper levels and were advancing through the farmland sections. Red Jade took up the rear as the evacuation commenced, firing his weapon at the creatures to slow them down as much as possible. Asahara, still needed in the control section, barricaded herself in as the last of the evacuees passed.

Hutchinson and Fleischman met up with Red Jade just in time to turn back another wave. During the firefight, something very strange happened. A boy tripped and started sliding back toward the cannibalistic creatures. Hutchinson reached out for him and missed, but a moment later the boy stopped falling and slid back up to reach his hand. Too busy to stop and think about what had happened, the team continued back up toward the hangar, closing the last of the doors behind them.

The rest of the evacuation went smoothly and quickly. They loaded the ship as full as they could, flew out to the Stargate, and let Thor beam them through. Asahara, setting the hangar to open at a timed interval, found a way around the overrun areas of the ship and arrived just in time for the last trip. Reaching the Stargate, they were all beamed through, including Maeve – right into a holding cell, in her case.



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