Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Seven - Haunted (Part Two)

Alpha One continues to search for clues on the crashed ship

As Alpha One continues their investigation of the crashed ship, they discover the remnants of the race which built it.

Beaming back to the derelict with Thor’s help, Alpha One delved inside once again, searching for clues which might tell them why Irvina had visited the barren planet. They searched the chamber where they had encountered the black creature, discovering crumbling documents and moldering scientific equipment in the locked cabinets.

Upon more thorough inspection, Hutchinson found the tracks of the creature and the team followed them deeper into the depths of the ship. Soon they realized that the creature was not alone; amid a corridor littered with bones, they met another one. Though this one soon met the fate of the first, their battle drew the attention of others. Alpha One chose to retreat, and were successful only because the creature’s brethren stopped to fight over its corpse.

Since the tracks of the black creatures had only increased as the team went deeper into the ship, they chose next to ascend toward its higher end, in hopes of reaching the ship’s core or a commands center from which they could discover more information. Soon they came to doors which were locked, and opened them with a judicious use of C-4.

The next few doors gave the distinct impression of an airlock. Passing through, Alpha One came to a huge, open chamber, where unbelievably there were crops growing along the slanted floor. They soon came upon a man farming, who was astonished at their appearance. After convincing him they meant no harm, the man, Tharlev, led them higher up through more of the terraformed sections to their leader.

The Prefect, leader of the ship-bound community, welcomed the team and shared with them his knowledge of their ancestors’ records. The team determined that centuries ago, a global cataclysm had destroyed their climate, and the ship itself had been damaged just after launch, causing it to crash but leaving a few hundred survivors. Since then they had been doing all they could to keep themselves fed using the automated climate controls.

The Prefect himself wanted to see for himself where Alpha One had come from, and so Hutchinson and Fleischman returned to the Stargate to ask the General for permission, leaving Asahara and Red Jade to attempt to access the ship’s controls from one of the climate control panels. By the time they returned to the ship the next day, Asahara had gained access to most of the ship’s systems. She had also learned of an impending breach in the ship’s still-active reactor…



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