Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter One - Into the Fire (Part 1)

The Alpha Team is cut off from Earth

During an assault on the planet Earth by the Goa’uld System Lord Baal, SG-15 accompanies the Alpha Team to the SGC’s place of last resort – The Alpha Site. But when an old friend comes back from the dead to meet them, the team begins to realize that it was all part of the plan…

It was two weeks since Lt. Colonel Emil Fleischman and Corporal Preston Hutchinson lost half of their team in an ambush on P4X-347. Only a week since the funerals of Sergeant Abrams and Major Erica Asahara, their former teammates. Fleischman and Hutchinson were in the briefing room, discussing new assignments to SG-15 when SG-1 returned to the SGC with information that Baal was on his way to attack Earth, with several Goa’uld mother ships.

The Alpha Team was quickly assembled – specialists from every branch of the military, and civilians with high-levels of technical expertise who had volunteered for a mission to carry on the Earth’s culture and knowledge in the event that their world was lost. The remainder of SG-15 was chosen to escort them.

The Alpha Team passed through the Stargate, and arrived within moments at a planet on the opposite side of the galaxy – The Alpha Site. Moments after their arrival, the Stargate closed behind them, leaving them cut off from Earth.

Later, on P2X-005, SG-9 discovered Major Asahara, still alive and claiming to have information about the attack on Earth. An attempt to reach the SGC was unsuccessful, at which point SG-9 followed standard procedure and rerouted to the Alpha Site.

Asahara was disappointed that she had not returned in time to give warning. Reunited with SG-15, she claimed that she had been taken to a Goa’uld Sarcophagus, which restored her to life, by the same spy who told her of Baal’s attack. But General Wycliffe, commanding the base, challenged her motives and revealed her as Goa’uld herself.

The Major was captured and taken to a temporary holding area while the Alpha Team set up camp for the night, waiting to hear word of the success or failure of Baal’s attack. Fleischman was chosen to interrogate her, and discovered that the Goa’uld was named Valesh, and claimed to wish to join the Tok’ra. She refused to leave Asahara’s body, however, fearful that she would become a Tau’ri guinea pig.

Lt. Colonel Fleischman wouldn’t believe that his teammate had willingly chosen to be host to a Goa’uld, but later that evening Valesh called him back to inform him that she had sensed another Goa’uld – not a Jaffa – walking past her prison and away from the camp. Despite not entirely trusting her, he and Corporal Hutchinson tracked the man up the hill and discovered him fiddling with a strange alien device.

A few glances revealed that Valesh had been correct. The Goa’uld refused to surrender, and in the ensuing firefight the device was damaged, and gave off an odd flash that enveloped them and the entire Alpha Site, but apparently did them no harm. The Goa’uld tried to escape its dying host body, but was killed.

Fleischman and Hutchinson returned down the hill with the strange device, but the only scientist who might have had a chance to discover its purpose was Asahara, and they weren’t about to give Valesh an edge. At that moment, however, a connection with Earth was finally reestablished.

But nobody answered. There was no response to either radio communications or GDO signals. A MALP sent through the gate sent back images of a partially submerged Stargate near a sandy beach, being investigated by an odd fellow in a top hat.

Red Jade, the man in the hat, had been through an interesting few weeks himself. He was from a city called Coalhearth, where steam technology was the latest big news. His people had been suffering attacks from an alien race which their King told them were called the Asgard. Red Jade had always believed the propaganda until one day he investigated a fallen ‘Asgard’ fighter and discovered that there was a human inside.

Returning to his home, he found King Baal’s police, called Jaffa, looking for him. He decided to leave Coalhearth and set out into the wilderness with only his boat, top hat and fishing gear. When he first spotted the Stargate, it was dormant, but when he rowed his boat over to it, it activated and sent forth the strange robot MALP.

Red Jade was very helpful in describing his homeworld to SG-15, but they couldn’t figure out why they arrived there by dialing Earth. Until the moon rose. Earth’s moon.


Highlights of the session:

Fleischman: I spoke at your funeral. It was very touching.

Asahara: Er…thank you, sir. I’ll try not to make you have to do it again.


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