Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter One - Into the Fire (Part 3)

A secret passageway into the palace becomes a deadly trap!

Within Baal’s palace in Coalhearth, Alpha One is captured by the Goa’uld Astarte. It is up to Fleischman and Lamara to rescue their teammates and unravel the mysteries which await them!

Determining that it was better to continue forward than turn back and try again later, Alpha One entered the underground waterways and followed the librarian’s map. They pushed open the hatch which was supposed to open into the palace’s gardens, only to find themselves in the interior of what looked like a ship – a booby trapped one. Dodging most of the stun blast, they retreated back the way they came, but were followed by 4 Jaffa using Zat’nik’tel stun weapons.

One by one the team members fell to the stun blasts. They chose to hold their ground rather than retreat and leave one of their own behind. First Red Jade, then Hutchinson and Lamara went down, but they took some of the Jaffa with them. Finally it was down to Major Asahara (who had been injured badly at the beginning of the fight and taken cover) and one last Jaffa. She mustered her courage and did her best to take him down and save her friends, but was subdued in the end.

While unconscious, Red Jade had a dream – a memory of his mother. But the dream left little doubt that his vanished mother was in fact host to a Goa’uld. Hutchinson and Red Jade awoke to find themselves imprisoned, with their hands tied and only one hidden gun remaining to them, but Fleischman and Lamara were luckier. After falling into the canals and being left for dead by the Jaffa, they were rescued by Laughing Thunderbolt, who had followed them.

Lamara believed she knew how to disable the stun trap at the top of the hatch, so up they went again. The attempt was a failure, but before it discharged again, Fleischman destroyed it with a staff weapon. Once they were able to look around, they realized that the room they were in was an Asgard design – probably a piece of a ship which had crashed 30 years previously.

Meanwhile, Hutchinson and Red Jade were taken from their prison at gunpoint, through the palace to where they thought they had heard the screams of Major Asahara. Their guards were simple citizens, and took them to an ornately decorated sitting room, in which was the Mayor of Coalhearth (who Valesh had identified as Baal’s underling, Astarte), and the unconscious Asahara.

Astarte at first tried to coax information from the pair, but when nothing was forthcoming she resorted to force. Before she had done them any real harm, however, Fleischman and Lamara arrived. After a brief firefight, Astarte and her guards were dead or subdued, and Alpha One returned back through the tunnels and back to the Stargate. But when they got there, another surprise was waiting for them…



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