Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Two - Lightning and Thunder (Part One)

Alpha One seeks out the Asgard

Seeking for allies to help them against the Goa’uld, Alpha One journeys to Cimmeria in search of the Asgard, only to be told that Thor is dead and the rest of his race have all but abandoned humankind to the Goa’uld. Can they convince Odin to help them?

After successfully concealing the Alpha Site base from the searches of Osiris’ Jaffa, Alpha One retreated through the Stargate to the planet Nasya. Their first order of business was to organize teams to gather food and supplies – i.e. babysitting. After two weeks of torment, the team took a well-deserved break. Borrowing a jeep, they went for a joy-ride, taught Red Jade to shoot and found some interesting ruins, which they determined to explore more thoroughly during their next leave.

When they returned to base, the General had a mission for them – attempt to contact their old allies, the Asgard. They chose to travel to Cimmeria, the world where SG-1 first encountered Thor. A MALP unit sent through the gate showed the signs of a recent conflict beneath the snow cover, and the Hammer of Thor broken.

Alpha One (minus Major Asahara and with the new addition of Red Jade and Sergeant Surge of SG-9) passed through the gate and met the warrior named Thairn, who at first believed them to be ‘Ettins’ come to inflict more terror upon his people. After he was convinced that they desired friendship with Thor and the Asgard, Thairn led Alpha One to the so-called Hall of Thor’s might.

It was not Thor who greeted them, however. A holographic recording declaring himself to be Odin set forth the tasks which were designed to test the Cimmerians’ level of social progression. Even though they already knew who the Asgard were, Alpha One was required to complete the tasks.

The first task was supposed to test their ‘bravery and courage’. They were asked to choose their best warriors and presented with two swords. When Lt. Colonel Fleischman and Sergeant Surge stepped forward and took the swords, they were told that they must fight each other, and that only the victor could pass. Instead of fighting, they dropped the swords, which Odin declared to be the correct answer.

The second challenge was a riddle: From home I hied me, and from home faring I saw a way of ways: Was a way beneath and a way above, and ways there were on all sides. Alpha One studied a mural displayed on one wall and decided that the answer was drawn there – a bridge, under which

went water, over which went men, and past which went birds in flight.

Odin then revealed his true form, and conversed with them directly through his hologram. He revealed that Thor, who once enforced the Protected Planets Treaty with the Goa’uld, had vanished 30 years previously, and was believed to have been killed during a visit to ‘Midgaard’. Alpha One decided that the piece of Asgard ship which Baal had hidden inside his palace in Coalhearth must have been Thor’s ship. After Red Jade described a rumor about a grey man living in the islands south of Coalhearth, Odin granted them the Ring of Midgaard; an artifact which would name them as an ally to Thor and help them find him.

Alpha One returned back through the gate and to Earth once again. Their destination was much closer than Coalhearth had been, and they were able to avoid running into people until they arrived at the cluster of islands where the supposed Grey Man lived. Alpha One began at the island farthest from the inhabited section. They quickly found a cave which had once been inhabited, but had not been used for several weeks. Splitting up, they continued their search.

Colonel Fleischman’s team was the first to find signs of other hunters on the island. A pair of them, Tamed Bear and Winter Stone, were trying unsuccessfully to hide in the brush, and nearly got shot by the trigger-happy Sgt. Surge. Red Jade smoothed things over relatively quickly, and the two went on their way.

Asahara’s team were not so fortunate. Scouting along the shore, they stumbled upon a pair of familiar faces. The Jaffa who they had faced in the underwater tunnels and the surviving guard from the palace were climbing out of a boat and spotted them. The Jaffa came charging up the hill despite the rain of bullets the team let loose upon him, and clubbed Major Asahara, knocking her back. He counted her out of the fight too early, however, and ran afoul of her Colt .45.

The man back at the boat, who had been infested by a Goa’uld since their last encounter, turned tail and ran when he saw the Jaffa go down. The rest of the team arrived in time to see him fleeing, but the fight wasn’t over yet. Hutchinson with his sniper rifle and Surge with a grenade quickly took care of his boat – and him. But they didn’t spot the dark, snake-like creature swimming away…



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