Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Two - Lightning and Thunder (Part Three)

Alpha One and Thor return to Coalhearth

After a brief incident in some Ancient ruins, Alpha One returns to the city of Coalhearth in an attempt to take back the Asgard ship and rid the Earth of the Goa’uld once and for all.

Since they were on mandatory leave with nothing better to do, the team decided to take a trip back to the ruins found by Red Jade and take a look. Moving the cover stone proved relatively simple with the correct equipment. Inside they discovered a small, two-chambered space with what looked like Ancient technology along the walls of the second room. Sgt. Surge carelessly tried to activate what looked like a computer station, to no effect. However, Hutchinson somehow triggered a device along the walls and was scanned by some sort of light, after which he collapsed.

After spending his leave under the eye of Dr. Bradshaw, no adverse affects could be discovered, and Hutchinson was cleared for active duty – mostly to keep him under Thor’s watchful gaze if anything should surface. Asahara remained behind to continue research on the Ancient device, and also to join Alpha Two (the former SG-9) on a diplomatic mission to Pangar.

The rest of the team went through the Gate and traveled to Coalhearth once again, where their plan for getting into the palace was simple yet effective. Setting explosives along the palace wall with a machine gun decoy to draw out the Jaffa, they managed to infiltrate with few obstructions. Once inside the ship compound things got a little more difficult. Several Jaffa were posted inside and had remained despite the diversion. Lamara was injured, but the team was able to reach the main computer station which, due to sabotage, had escaped damage from the self-destruction and crash landing of the ship.

There were a number of traps set in the room. The force field trap was detected and deactivated, resulting in the reduced effectiveness of a poison gas trap linked to a holographic recording of Baal. By the time Thor got around to bypassing the security program which had been placed on the computer, Baal’s Jaffa had detected the ruse and were on their way back. The team split up to cover both entrances to the ship and give Thor time to recover control of the system.

Finally, with the team taking fire from all sides, Thor managed to activate the transporter system and eject all Jaffa from within 300 miles of the city. He was also able to transport the Stargate directly into the ship, allowing Alpha One to report their success to the General. Their good news was welcomed, but not returned in kind. While visiting Pangar with Alpha Two in search of a fresh supply of Tretonin, Major Asahara had disappeared.



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