Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Two - Lightning and Thunder (Part Two)

Alpha One races to be the first to find Thor

Using the Asgard device granted by Odin, Alpha One continues the search for Thor. But the hunters soon discover that they are also being hunted. Who will be the victor of this deadly race?

Alpha One, camped for the night, were awakened in the early morning by the sound of a gunshot. Investigating its source, they found Winter Stone (one of the hunters from the previous day) wounded and alone. They surmised from his story that his friend Tamed Bear had been taken as a host by the Goa’uld who escaped the body of the guard from the palace. Shortly after leaving him, they began to see a string of boats filled with hunters – led by Tamed Bear.

Alpha One accelerated their search, scouring the islands as quickly as they could while staying ahead of the other search parties. Their efforts were fruitless that day, and they continued on through the night without rest. Finally the next morning, the ring given to them by Odin responded. Leaving Lamara and Sergeant Surge with the boats, they followed the signal and found Thor, who responded with surprise to the sound of his own name.

They were left with little time for talk as the Goa’uld came up over the hill with a party of hunters. The two groups opened fire upon each other. Thor was targeted first and went down quickly, but Lamara arrived from the boats just in the nick of time and saved the day. The Goa’uld and all of his companions were killed, and this time there was no escape for even the symbiote.

Thor recovered quickly under the treatment of Major Asahara, and they were able to escape in boats deftly disguised as floating weeds by Red Jade. While they traveled back to the Stargate, they explained to Thor who they were and why they had come looking for him. Thor himself expressed a desire to return and retake the piece of his fallen ship, stating that if the holographic systems were still functional, then other key systems – such as the one designed to detect and disable the Goa’uld – might be as well.

Alpha One returned through the Stargate only to be told that they were on mandatory leave for a week before they could return to Coalhearth with Thor. The General also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to talk to Thor about the Goa’uld and Asgard presence in the alternate reality. Thor’s plans were put on hold – for now.


Quote of the night:

Hutchinson: It’s ok, she’s cool. Thor: I do not see why her temperature is relevant.


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