Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Eleven - The Moon's Blessing (Parts One and Two)

The Alpha Team meets the Firlings

The Alpha Team explores a planet which might hold a key to returning to their universe, but finds something else entirely…

After cleaning up what was left of Baal’s forces, Alpha One was given the go-ahead to investigate another planet which Irvina had noted on her records, hoping to find something in her research which would help them. They traveled to the planet and started looking around for whatever might have interested her.

They soon discovered some ancient ruins with carvings on them – they were able to read part of a story told on the stones. The tale was of a people who had been ‘blessed by the moon’; that is, granted special gifts by the goddess Selene. At first the people used their gifts to bless those around them, but eventually those without the gifts became afraid and drove them away to a distant land.

Before they could continue their investigations, however, the team started to fall asleep. Those who could stay awake tried to return to the gate, but eventually everyone but Hutchinson succumbed. Shortly after his last teammate fell asleep, Hutchinson saw several men, at first with a camouflaged appearance, then somehow changing to look more like normal humans in a distinct uniform. They then dialed Earth without even touching the DHD, though they should not have even known the address the team had come from, and appeared to intend to send them back through.

Hutchinson, knowing that there was a force field protecting the other side of the gate, stopped them with a wounding shot to one of the men carrying his teammates. The strangers didn’t seem to understand what had happened, and when Hutchinson confronted them, they seemed to think that he was one of their own, in disguise.

It took Hutchinson a while to convince the strangers that he was not one of their own, but once he did, they were immediately curious to know why he seemed to be so. He did not have an answer for them at first, but eventually their questions led him to the conclusion that they were referring to the strange powers he acquired after being exposed to the device in the ruins on Nasya. He proceeded to bargain with the strangers, who named themselves the Firlings, that further information would be offered only under exchange.

When the rest of the team awoke, they were allowed to return to the ruins and investigate them further, but did not find anything which they believed Irvina would have been interested in. Hutchinson was forbidden from revealing what he had seen about the Firlings, even their name, but was charged with gaining permission for them to study and deactivate, if possible, the device which had altered his DNA. They were also told that Irvina had indeed come through the gate, but been sent back much as the Firlings had intended to return the Alpha Team.

Once back through the Stargate, Hutchinson revealed the identity of the strangers, but proceeded to gain permission for them to investigate the Nasyan ruins. With only his word and Thor’s confirmation of the people’s identity as voucher, the General nevertheless concluded that they should attempt to gain the favor of the Firlings, and cooperate with them in hopes of forming a more tangible alliance in the future.



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