Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Five - Old Wounds (Part One)

Red Jade discovers that his mother is host to a Goa'uld

Alpha One runs to the aid of a planet under siege from the Goa’uld Anat, only to find that their enemy’s host is a little too close to one of their own…

The Alpha Team was once again contacted by Alaix, the representative from the planet Mizu, who claimed that his planet was being attacked by the Goa’uld. Alpha One sent a recon team to determine their forces, and discovered that the Goa’uld Anat had landed a mother ship on the planet near the facility which hid the Stargate, and had sent her Jaffa to scour the countryside for something.

Alpha One, desiring to know the object of Anat’s search, set up surveillance equipment in a village projected as her next target. They discovered two things. First, that she was searching for some sort of advanced technology which she had detected from her ship; second, that her host was none other than Red Jade’s mother, Whispering Aspen.

Red Jade was torn; few of his memories of his mother were kind. He insisted that he remain on the mission, despite Fleischman’s misgivings. They chose to sneak in under cover of nightfall and attempt to capture Anat. Climbing across the rooftops to avoid most of the watchful Jaffa, they snuck in by way of the upper floor of the building. They subdued the guards in relative silence, but something alerted Anat, and she escaped the trap, though not without injuries.

As previously planned, some of Alaix’s men created a diversion outside the village, allowing Alpha One to escape. Unfortunately, their lack of experience was costly for them, and two were captured.



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