Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Five - Old Wounds (Part Three)

Alaix's true nature is revealed

Alpha One hunts for Anat, in a race to beat her to her true objective.

Rejoining Asahara on the planet’s surface, Alpha One once again descended into Alaix’s underground complex to track down Anat. Because they had managed to injure her back on the ship, her trail was relatively easy to track. They followed it deep into the complex; so deep that they began to doubt that the Stargate was her true goal. Shortly, Alaix appeared beside them, seeming unduly concerned about her objective. When pressed, he revealed that he himself was simply an artificial intelligence left by the Ancients to govern the planet after they ascended. Anat appeared to be headed for his control room.

Alpha One followed the trail to a dead end, where they discovered a hidden elevator leading to a completely different section of the complex. Alaix reappeared to guide them through to the control room, but Anat reached it first and disabled his ability to lead them. Asahara led them after that, noting some large power cables that she assumed led to the control room. Their faith in her observation was rewarded when they turned a corner and spotted more of Anat’s Jaffa.

They defeated the Jaffa guards and blasted the control room door open, confronting Anat for the third and final time. With no place to run, she was finally captured, and Alpha One was able to restore Alaix’s program and return through the Stargate with their captive.



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