Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Five - Old Wounds (Part Two)

Alpha One must get to Anat, before she gets to them

With their first attempt to capture Anat a failure, Alpha One finds themselves the prey.

Back at Alaix’s hidden base, Alpha One debated how to proceed. Their best chance to capture Anat had been lost, and now the Goa’uld Queen was alerted to their presence. Several plans were suggested, including disguising as Jaffa and claiming to have found the artifact she desired, but before they could act, their scouts reported that her ship had taken off and was headed straight for them. Before long, it had parked directly above the complex, and Jaffa were being transported down.

Alpha One organized what resistance they could, concealing the entrance to the Stargate room. They decided the best way to stop the invaders was to board the ship themselves. Using Alaix’s knowledge of the complex, they avoided most of the invading Jaffa and waited for their chance to sneak on board. Timing their actions perfectly, they stood where the ring transport device would be when the next group of Jaffa was sent down, and switched places with them.

Alpha One was able to take the guards inside the ring control room by surprise, and quickly disabled the device. They snuck through the ship to the control room for the shields, planning to escape quickly once they had captured Anat. However, before they could head her way, they discovered that she was heading for a secondary ring transport device. Leaving Asahara in the control room to attempt to disable that section of the ship from there, they advanced on Anat’s position and once again attempted to abduct her.

They managed to disable most of Anat’s guard and corner her in the ring transport control room, where they found her attempting to reengage the controls. During a firefight with her First Prime, she managed to activate the ring transport and flee to the planet’s surface.



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