Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Eight - Retribution (Part One)

While Alpha One is on leave, an invisible enemy enters among them

Alpha One’s vacation is interrupted by the escape of their prisoner, Anat.

Alpha One, intending to enjoy some well-earned time off, split up and headed out to enjoy various pastimes. Asahara joined Thor who was working on a Goa’uld extraction project, Red Jade went off on a fishing trip, Fleischman ended up accompanying some fellow soldiers to a Coalhearth sporting event, while poor Hutchinson was stuck in observation after his telekinetic experience.

The first sign that something was wrong was when Dr. Bradshaw moved Hutchinson to a high security observation room without any apparent reason. He was there when Fleischman returned and was denied permission to visit him. Suspicious, Fleischman started snooping around, and discovered that Thor was missing and the General was supposedly ill. Without Asahara or Red Jade, he did his best to investigate the events of the past several days.

His actions did not go unnoticed, however. In what he thought was an attempt to pacify him, he was finally granted permission to visit Hutchinson. He soon learned his mistake when he found himself likewise imprisoned. But now at least he had another team member to consult with, and they quickly formed a plan. Hutchinson used his newfound telekinesis to unlock the cell door, and they quickly subdued the guards and escaped, managing to take one zat gun with them.

They fled outside the base, heading for the general’s personal quarters in Coalhearth. Sneaking in, they discovered the general, the doctor, and Asahara all held prisoner. Anat, who had somehow escaped and disguised herself as the doctor, was not present.

Joining forces with the general and some of his loyal guards, Hutchinson and Fleischman reentered the base pretending to be unconscious prisoners. While Asahara and the general snuck in via the underground entrance and rescued Thor, who had been put in Anat’s cell and concealed with holograms, they took advantage of Anat’s arrogant gloating and disabled her holographic disguise, subduing her.



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