Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Eight - Retribution (Part Two)

With Anat returned to custody, Alpha One must discover who set her free...

Alpha One must scour Coalhearth to find Anat’s hidden agents. But can they pass through the decade-thick veils of secrecy?

With the help of Thor’s newly completed extraction device, Anat was removed from her unwilling host, Whispering Aspen. With her help, it was revealed that Anat’s escape and takeover was aided by a number of sleeper cells planted throughout the city; cult followers of Anat. Aspen was able to identify several locations which had once been used by the groups. The team split up to quicken the search.

Whispering Aspen was paired with her son, Red Jade, in an awkward reunion. Maeve, on assignment from the Dual Mind, joined Hutchinson, while Fleischman and Asahara paired up in a final group, each taking a couple extra soldiers as backup. Fleischman’s team hit a dead end, as did Hutchinson’s, but Red Jade visited his old friend Laughing Thunderbolt and browsed through the library records, determining which of the several locations might still be being used by the sleeper groups. Maeve, convinced that her team’s second lead was suspicious enough to warrant observation, remained there while the rest of the team raided a large warehouse in which they encountered resistance from two of the sleeper groups, subduing them.

Meanwhile, Maeve uncovered some illegal drug traffic being conducted in the upper level of the confectionery store she was surveilling. With no further evidence of sleeper groups within the city, Alpha One concluded their search.



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