Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Ten - Testing the Waters

Ba'al sends a ship to take control of Earth

While at an impasse, the Alpha Team is threatened by the appearance of a Goa’uld mothership above the planet.

With their best lead to finding a way home seemingly come to a dead end and Asahara still recovering from Anat’s torture, Alpha One was recalled and placed on standby. Suddenly and without warning, a Goa’uld mothership appeared in orbit above the planet. A huge holographic figure of Baal appeared and demanded that the rebellious people of Coalhearth surrender to him and lower the shield (which Thor had erected) around the palace. General Wycliffe responded as diplomatically as possible in an attempt to buy some time, but was unable to determine whether Baal himself was present on the ship or merely broadcasting a pre-recorded threat.

Alpha One gathered their resources and came up with the best plan they could think of on short notice. With the aid of Maeve and her cloaked cargo ship, they launched into orbit and approached the invader. Down on the surface, another team set off a device prepared by Thor which created a signal intended to tempt Baal or his underlings to investigate. Sure enough, a small ship was launched, and Alpha One used the brief interval in which the shield was down to sneak past it.

Once beyond the shield, it was a simple matter to beam aboard the mothership. Not so simple was sneaking past all the Jaffa on board with a large payload of explosives. Somehow they managed to take out all of the guards they couldn’t slip past and reached the ship’s power core before the alarm was sounded. Setting up the explosives with both a timer and a remote detonator, the team worked their way back toward their entry point.

The anthill was stirred by then and it was a difficult return trip. Some judicious use of grenades managed to get them within range of the cargo ship’s transporters, and once back aboard they activated one of Thor’s transport boosters, allowing them to beam directly back to the surface before their explosives detonated.

And some explosion it was. The mothership’s naqadah-powered core amplified the simple explosives a thousand times, breaking it apart into several large fragments and thousands of smaller ones. Though there was no way to determine whether Baal had even been aboard, let alone been killed in the explosion, but the immediate threat had been ended. Until next time…



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