Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Twelve - The Alpha Site (Parts One and Two)

The Alpha Team's search leads them back to where they started.

The team attempts to retrieve Irvina from Isis’ custody, but she seems to have her own ideas.

Emboldened by their success against Baal’s ship, Alpha One devised a plan to infiltrate Isis’ home planet and retrieve the scientist Irvina. Enlisting the aid of Maeve and her Goa’uld cargo ship, they set up a masquerade where Maeve would claim to wish to join Isis after the disappearance of her former master, Anat. The others posed as her slaves or soldiers.

Their entrance into Isis’ territory went smoothly, and they were instructed by one of Isis’ underlings as to where to land. After that it was a simple matter to send spies into the city, as any true Goa’uld would have done. They soon determined Irvina’s location.

Feigning orders from Isis, Maeve led the team to the research facility where Irvina was being held. Bluffing the Jaffa on guard was a relatively simple task, but those inside were not so easily fooled. Nevertheless, Alpha One got the drop on them and within a few moments they had dispatched the guards. Now all that was left was to return with Irvina.

But she did not seem to be feeling cooperative. Rather than attempt to argue with her about why coming with them was better than staying in Isis’ custody, they answered her questions with a single zat blast and carried her out. However, even the guards outside grew too suspicious when they emerged with their unconscious prisoner, and sounded the alarm.

Judging the security to be too thick to return to their cargo ship, Alpha One considered making for the main hangar bay instead. Before they could solidify their plans, however, Irvina, who had regained consciousness, managed to slip away in the crowd. With their only clue a veiled hint that Irvina knew where the Stargate was, they had no alternative but to try to head her off.

Sure enough, as the team approached the Stargate and the abandoned Alpha Site, they came across Irvina’s trail. Fleischman confronted her and convinced her that they were not servants of the Goa’uld, explaining that Maeve was Tok’ra, and was working against them. He also explained that they were in need of her aid in finding a way to return to their original dimension.

Irvina, having been unable to find the hidden Stargate, decided that it was in her best interests to go with Fleischman. They rendezvoused with the rest of the Alpha Team just inside the hidden base, using their GDOs to disable the trap they had left behind. At long last, they returned through the Stargate with their prize.



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