Stargate - Alpha One

Chapter Three - The Underground (Part Two)

The Mysterious Dual Mind are revealed

Continued from previous post.

Meanwhile, the rest of Alpha One arrived at the address coerced from the Faction Overseer, joined by a small military force with orders to rescue any hostages held inside the building. Hutchinson attempted to snipe the external guards without giving away his presence, but his second shot missed, leaving a man alive to give warning. It soon turned into a all-out firefight, but the Faction members inside the building never managed to organize themselves sufficiently before Alpha One made it inside.

The prisoner was thought to be held in the basement level, and so down they went, neutralizing the remaining resistance with CS grenades. But the prisoner they found was not Major Asahara. It was a Dual Mind leader named Fallanth.

Red Jade, following Veaitor Pallas, went to the underground home of the Order of the Dual Mind. There he waited briefly before being taken to a room where Major Asahara was being held, under suspicion of being Goa’uld. She explained to Red Jade that the Dual Mind appeared to be somehow related to the Tok’ra of her original reality.

Meanwhile, Fleischman and his team questioned Fallanth concerning Asahara, and obtained her promise to aid them if she could.

Before long, the combination of Red Jade’s words and Fallanth’s rescue earned the team a visit with the leadership of the Order. They explained their mission and that of Alpha Two – to obtain a new source of the drug Tretonin, which allows the rebel Jaffa to live without a symbiote. They agreed to enter into negotiations with Alpha Two and released Major Asahara to them.

Upon returning home, the team met with a representative from another world which had just learned to use their Stargate, and dialed Earth themselves. The representative, named Alaix, asked for aid in ending a war between two neighboring nations on their planet, but due to the military nature of the request, it was denied. Alaix agreed to continued contact and the possibility of trade in the future.

(With DG as guest writer)



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