Coalhearth is a city on an alternate Earth, located roughly where Westernport, MD would be on ours. The architecture and technology level is similar to that of our Victorian Era, featuring stately brick buildings and steam power. The city exists on a series of parallel canals, many of them joined at the perpendicular, and though the bridges will support a vehicle, the layout is more conducive to travel by water craft. Coalhearth takes its name from the presence of several nearby coal mines, which are also the source of most of its trade and wealth. Because of its reliance upon burning coal for steam power, the city is under a constant rain of coal ash, which darkens the streets and buildings.

Coalhearth itself is nearly sixty years old, but it came to prominence about thirty years ago, when what was at the time thought to be a large meteorite crashed in the mountains nearby. Shortly after that, strange flying craft appeared, causing destruction and panic. A man known only as Baal came forward and named these attackers ‘Asgard’, claiming that he had reverse-engineered a part of their fallen ship and could build his own ships to fight them off.

Baal made good on his word, and soon had his own ships up in the sky fending off the invaders. The assaults continued, but rarely did much damage to the city. He introduced more innovations supposedly based on the alien technology, and was eventually made king of the city and surrounding townships.

The city retained its former political structure in addition to appointing Baal as king. The city council was supposedly equal in power to the king, and consisted of a mayor and twelve councilmen (representing the city’s 12 districts). Up until five years ago, the city council was elected by the citizens. However, shortly after that year’s election the mayor and all of his councilmen were killed during an Asgard attack. King Baal then appointed a new city council, including the stunning Beautiful Emerald as mayor. Most of these remained until Alpha One ousted Baal’s Jaffa with the help of the Asgard Thor.

Soon after the recovery of Thor’s ship, the entire Alpha Team was moved to headquarters in what was formerly Baal’s palace on the edge of the city. Though a new city council has been elected, the Alpha Team has a direct influence on the city’s commerce, specifically in new technological innovations.


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